Belgian Dermoscopy Group (BDG)

Het hoofddoel van de Belgian Dermoscopy Group BDG, opgericht in 2014, is het dichterbij brengen van de wereld van de dermoscopie en het toegankelijker maken van dermoscopie voor de dermatologen in de dagelijkse praktijk.



Katrien Vossaert

Katrien Vossaert did her residency at the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of Gent. In 1990, she became a Melanoma Fellow at NYU Medical Center. She was involved in clinical research on skin cancer, mostly atypical nevi and melanoma. Dermoscopy became her main field of interest. After her return to Belgium in 1992, she started a private practice in general dermatology. She is now chief of a dermatology clinic ‘Dermatologie Maldegem’, where she works together with 3 associates, and 4 residents. She is still involved in scientific work and teaching as president of the Belgian Dermoscopy Group. She is also board member of the Belgian Society of Dermatology.


Isabelle Tromme


Sven Lanssens

Dr. Sven Lanssens graduated as a dermatologist in 2014 from the University of Ghent and is a dermatologist at Dermatologie Maldegem. His main areas of interest are immune mediated inflammatory diseases, the systemic treatments that are used treating those diseases and dermoscopy