Webcast Psoriasis - BDD2020 Online

30 avril 2020
Accredited webcast Psoriasis

Dear Colleague, Dear Professor, Dear Doctor,

The measures taken by de different governments regarding COVID-19 are unprecedented and have many consequences. The Royal Belgian Society for Dermatology and Venereology had consequently decided to postpone the Belgian Dermatology Days of March 12-13, 2020.

In collaboration with and supported by Almirall S.A. we offer the accredited workshop Psoriasis with speakers prof Jo Lambert ( UZ Gent) and Dr Fabienne Willaert ( ULB Erasme) as a webcast on this platform.

For Psoriasis all the possible therapeutical options are given based on “evidence-based” recommendations . The use of systemic treatments with the different clinical situations of the psoriasis patient (age, diabetes, pregnancy, history of cancer, psychological issues,..) as well as with the different subtypes of Psoriasis and with arthritis, are mapped by the BETA-Pso working group.

At the end of this workshop you can get accreditation points ( number of points are pending).

Warm greetings,

The board of the RBSDV


The application for accreditation points at RIZIV/INAMI is ongoing.

Before being included in the list of doctors having viewed this webcast, you will have to fill in a short survey. You must answer a minimum of 2/3 of the questions correctly.

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