BDD 2022 - Posters

01 avril 2022
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2022 Poster BDD C Guvenc 01 03 2022 WEB

Metastasizing and Non-Metastasizing Thick Melanomas: Clinicopathological Predictors and Molecular profiling

Van Esbeen poster BDD22

The Improvement of Stewart-Treves Angiosarcoma through IL-23p19 inhibition

Poster low res Van Gysel

How COVID-19 can bury your head in the sand: a case of complex cutaneous leishmaniasis in the face

Mathilde Dewigne Poster low res

Low incidence of COVID-19 in hidradenitis suppurativa: How to interpret it?

Nicolas Votquenne poster low res

From mongolian spots to mucopolysaccharidosis

Florinne Moulart poster low res

Electron microscopy reveals SARS-CoV-2 particles in endothelial and eccrine gland cells

A Beyens poster low res

Imposter insect bites: a case of neurosyphilis in disguise

Aude Beyens

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Ann Sophie Devos poster low res

A case of Phalangeal Microgeodic Syndrome

Poster 11 N Hillhorst modif

Value in psoriasis: Proposing a patient-driven Core Outcome Set for daily clinical practice

Elfie Deprez Pso Nurse modif

Filling the gap in Psoriasis care: A qualitative study about patient needs & expectations


Guiding the Treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Role for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Charlotte Vanhoutte

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Louisa Verlinden Poster Low res

A rash with many faces

Anouschka Kul poster low res

Aquagenic palmar keratoderma in 2021: a case report

Lisa Hoogstoel poster low res

When staying cool gives you a headache

Poster BDD22 FINAAL modif

Overweight and obesity is associated with low 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in cutaneous melanoma patients

Laura van de Borne Poster low res

Generalized xanthogranuloma in a 75-year-old man mimicking benign cephalic histiocytosis

Gilles Absil poster low res

An atypical Triad

Gilles Absil

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BELgian Cohort study of COVID-19 in Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (BELCOMID): demographics of the dermatology population

Lyna Mtimet poster low res

Line-field confocal optical coherence tomography of basal cell carcinoma: diagnostic performance

Sylke De Feyter poster low res

The importance of propranolol treatment in segmental infantile hemangioma

Matthieu Daoud poster low res

My patient has acne and hidradenitis suppurativa: can I use isotretinoin?

Mathieu Daoud

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Lisa Huygen poster low res

Daily habits influencing skin barrier function measurements: a prospective study

Axel De Greef Poster BDD2022 low res

Pandemic chilblains: are they SARS-CoV-2 related or not?

Axel De Greef

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Mathieu Ziraldo Poster low res

To save someone's neck

Mathieu Ziraldo

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Lapeere Low res

First Belgian registry in Atopic Dermatitis. Start-up of the TREAT registry in UZ GENT

Poster BDD2022 page 001

Dermoscopy of cutaneous melanoma metastasis

L Delbaere low res

Where to find the Vitiligo disease activity signs on the body

Liesbeth Delbaere

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Jasaman yasaeri low res

Chronic recurrent annular neutrophilic dermatosis: A case report

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