How to become a dermatologist

01 February 2019
More information on the training as a dermatologist. How long is this specific training and what are the obligations regarding continuous training?

The training as a Dermatologist-venerologist (Level 2 professional qualification) starts after the basic medical programme to become a doctor and consists of 5 years of specific training after which the Federal Public Service Health can provide the recognition in the field of dermatology and venerology. Within this specialist training, at least 6 months of internal medicine is incorporated, next to the major part of the training in dermatology, within both university and non-university training centers.

The dermatologists have, as other specialists and general practitioners, the deontological duty to follow a continuous education, in order to refine their knowledge and practical skills. Only when the dermatologist attains the minimum amount of continuous training required in a year, they can work as an accredited dermatologist.

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