Sister Society

Sister Societies are Belgian professional societies aimed at a specific part of dermatology, for example allergy, dermoscopy, laser, oncology, pathology and paediatrics. They have their own statutes and as a dermatologist you can become a member.

Belgian Club of Dermatopathology (BCDP)

The Belgian Club of Dermatopathology (BCD) was founded in 2004 as an informal society, with the aim to improve the dermatopathology level in Belgium and to improve the relationship between pathologists and dermatologists performing dermatopathology in Belgium.
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Belgian Association of Dermato-Oncology (BADO)

The Belgian Association of Dermato-Oncology was founded in 2012 with the aim of promoting a multidisciplinary approach of dermato-oncology.
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Belgian Society of Pediatric Dermatology (BSPD)

The scientific mission of the Belgian Society of Pediatric Dermatology is to promote in particular the study and the teaching of pediatric dermatology.
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Belgian Laser Group (BLG)

The Belgian Laser Group BLG wants to promote exchange of scientific information between physicians who use laser technology for pathologic and aesthetic purposes.
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Belgian Dermoscopy Group (BDG)

The main objective of the Belgian Dermoscopy Group, founded in 2014, is to bring the world of dermoscopy a little closer and more accessible to dermatologists in daily practice.
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Belgian Contact and Environmental Dermatitis Group (BCEDG)

The Belgian Contact and Environmental Dermatitis Group is a society that unites Belgian dermatologists with a specific interest in contact dermatitis.
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Euromelanoma Task Force

Euromelanoma is a dermatologist - driven campaign that aims at raising and maintaining awareness about the need of prevention against skin cancers among the general public and the media.
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The Belgian Mohs Group

Mohs micrographic surgery is designed to remove skin tumours in areas where there is little area to take much margin. The technique is named according to Dr Fredrick E. Mohs, who developed it.
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