Patient Associations

Here you will find a selection of Patients Associations active in Belgium.

Psoriasis Liga Vlaanderen

The Psoriasis Liga Vlaanderen (PLV) supports and informs patients with Psoriasis of the skin or Psoriasis of the joints (PsA).

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The Melanoompunt Association wants to be a beacon by providing in all the needs for Melanoma patients and their families.

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DEBRA: society for Epidermolysis Bullosapatients

The Society for Epidermolysis Bullosapatiënten DEBRA aims at the best possible care for patients with EB and the best support for their families.

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Psoriasis Contact

Psoriasis Contact regroupe des patients psoriasiques et des personnes concernées par le psoriasis et est active à Bruxelles et en Wallonie.

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GIPSO asbl

Psoriasis Research and Information Support Group (Groupe d'aide à la recherche et à l'information sur le psoriasis).

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Eczemanet is a patients' association for people with atopic dermatitis and eczema, founded by the non-profit organization Allergnietnet.

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