BDD 2020 Second Session: First Video Recordings Now Online

23 November 2020
Watch the video recordings of our BDD 2020 Second Session event in September.
We are uploading daily, please find the first recordings below.


Welcome to the Meeting by President Jo Lambert

Short but Strong

Short But Strong: A case of cutaneous tuberculosis evolving for 50 years by Florence Bourlond (ULB)

Short but Strong: A surprising finding in urticarial vasculitis by Kyra Smets (KUL)

Short but Strong: Black Toes by Michel Verheyden (UZB)

Short but Strong: Atopic Dermatitis Score (ADS7): a promising tool for daily clinical assessment of atopic dermatitis by Nina Nielens (UCL)

Short but Strong: Not just a scratch mark: Flagellate erythema by Lu Wang (UZG)

Short but Strong: Optical coherence tomography (OCT) of the efficacy and tolerance assessment of oxygen flow assisted administration of topical methotrexate (OFA-MTX5%) for superficial basal cell carcinoma by Gaëlle Jouret (ULg)

Short but Strong: Cutaneous granulomatosis as the initial manifestation of a primary immunodeficiency by Michal Ulicki (UZA)

Short but Strong: closing remarks

Sister Societies

Sister Societies Session: Bedside diagnostics in dermatology (BCDP) by Sofie de Schepper (Department of Dermatology, UGent, Belgium)

Sister Societies Session: Occupational or not ? Let’s think together (BCEDG) by Lieve Constandt (Dermatologist, Waregem)

Administrative Session

Newest Development Sessions

Newest Development Session: Diagnostics of autoimmune blistering diseases by Barbara Horvath (Department of Dermatology, UMC Groningen, The Netherlands)

Newest Development Session: Complications with fillers and botulinum toxins: facts and figures on recognizing, diagnosing and treatment options by Koenraad de Boulle (Dermatologist, Aalst)

Newest Development Session: Therapeutic drug monitoring of biologics in psoriasis: where to start, where to end? by Lynda Grine (Department of Dermatology, UGent, Belgium)

Closing Remarks

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