Workshops BDD 2020

U kiest 2 workshops van elk 45 min. (inschrijven noodzakelijk) uit de volgende 6 workshops die twee maal in parallel georganiseerd zullen worden.

Workshop 1 : Psoriasis, moderated by Jo Lambert

Impressive progress in new therapeutic options have been made for psoriasis. Treatments include topical steroids, phototherapy, conventional, synthetic disease-modifying drugs and an expanding list of biologics.

The primary objective of this workshop is to show the evidence-based recommendation concerning the use of systemic treatment in different clinical situations in psoriasis e.g. in different age groups, during pregnancy, in metabolic syndrome, in case of cancer history, infections, in patients with mental health problems, in different psoriasis subtypes and in case of arthritis. Guidance on therapeutic choice through the results of our BETA-Pso project is provided in order to facilitate the decision making in clinical practice.

The secondary objective is to share challenging clinical cases with you and to hear your questions.

Speakers are Jo Lambert (UZ Ghent) and Fabienne Willaert (ULB Erasme).

Workshop 2 : Dermoscopy, moderated by Katrien Vossaert

The dermoscopy workshop will focus on several topics encountered in our daily practice. When do we need to do a biopsy, what are the clues for the diagnosis of difficult basocellular epitheliomas, how can we improve our use of trichoscopy? While discussing several cases, our 5 experts will present a ‘take home’ message, that will further be commented on by an expert panel, according to the questions from within the audience.

Speakers are Laudine Janssen (UZ Leuven), Mariano Suppa (ULB Erasme), Véronique Meuleman (Tielt), Isabelle Tromme (UCL Brussels) and Lieve Brochez (UZ Ghent).

Workshop 3 : Acne, moderated by Julien Lambert

Many adolescents consult with us for the treatment of acne.

An acne problem will often have a psychological impact, especially in case of more severe acne. A personal and multidisciplinary approach can be a useful approach. This is the reason why we want to highlight the multidisciplinary aspect in this year’s workshop: de speaker panel will consist of a gynaecologist for an update on hormonal anticonception, the psychological approach will be presented by a child psychiatrist and Julien Lambert will talk about the current treatment of severe acne.

Attention: the first session will be in Dutch, the second session in French!

Speakers are Stefan Cosyns (gynaecologist, UZ Brussels), Aisha Cortoos (Psychologist, Overijse) for the Dutch session and Philippe Van Meerbeeck (Child Psychiatrist, UCLouvain) for the French session.

Workshop 4 : Auto-Inflammatory Disorders, moderated by Athanasios Kolivras

Auto-inflammatory syndromes are a group of rare disorders characterized by episodes of inflammation without clear cause en where there is an undue activation of the innate immune system. Due to the unrestrained immune stimulation a systemic inflammation will arise, which can subsequently express itself as fever, as well as other signs and symptoms, like dermatoses. With some auto- inflammatory syndromes, skin disorders are the most characteristic symptom. Skin disorders can form the first presentation of an auto-inflammatory syndrome. For this reason dermatologists can fulfill an important part in the identification and diagnosis of auto-inflammatory disorders. This workshop will give an overview of some auto-inflammatory disorders in the pediatric and internal medicine, with an emphasis on dermatological presentations.

Speakers are Lien De Somer (Paediatric rheumatologist, UZ Leuven) and Steven Vanderschueren (Internist, UZ Leuven).

Workshop 5: Diagnostics in Urticaria & Anaphylaxis, moderated by Bita Dezfoulian

In this workshop the diagnostic work up of acute and chronic urticaria will be discussed based on clinical cases.

When are allergy tests necessary in patients with acute urticaria? What work-up needs to be done in patients with anaphylaxis?

What are the new guidelines for diagnostic workup and management in patients with chronic urticaria?

Speaker will be Martine Grosber (UZ Brussels).

Workshop 6: Atopic Dermatitis, moderated by Jan Gutermuth

Comprehensive management of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis

This workshop covers the diagnostic work-up, scoring and management with systemic treatments in moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. Speakers will cover diagnostic criteria, allergy testing, physician and patient-reported outcomes measures and clinical scoring. Initiation, monitoring, switching and combination of systemic- and UV treatments will be discussed. Special attention will be the specific situation in pregnancy/ lactation, pediatric, adolescents and elderly patients.

Speakers are Julie Leysen (UZ Antwerp) and Hugues Fierens (Clinique Saint-Jean).