Where and how to login to the virtual BDD

More information on where and how to login to the virtual BDD

Where to login

The link to the BDD 2021 Conference platform is BELGIAN DERMATOLOGY DAYS 2021 (isicem.org).

How to login

You can login to our BDD 2021 virtual platform with the following information (attention, this is NOT the same login as you use for Dermanet or Belgiandermatology.be)

- Go to the BDD 2021 online platform BELGIAN DERMATOLOGY DAYS 2021 (isicem.org).

- Click on login on the top right corner

- Fill in the email address you used for your registration (If you are not sure, you can look this up in your registration conformation you received titled "Subscription for Koninklijke Belgische Vereniging voor Dermatologie en Venerologie", received shortly after registering)

- Fill in your last name

Test your login in advance - login issues

We advise you test your login once the BDD 2021 platform is communicated so that we can help you in advance in case of any issues.

If you have an issue logging in you can try to use your First Name in stead of your Last Name, as you might have inadvertently switched this in your registration!

If this remains an issue please contact us.