Meer informatie over de BCEDG

06 februari 2019
Lees meer over de bestuursleden en de missie van de BCDP.


The Belgian Contact and Environmental Dermatitis Group (=BCEDG) is a society that unites Belgian dermatologists with a specific interest in contact dermatitis.

​Every year the BCEDG organises a symposium accessible to all dermatologists where the most recent developments in contact dermatitis are discussed. Furthermore, this symposium offers a forum where clinical case can be presented and discussed.

The board of the BCEDG compiles the standard and cosmetic series for patch testing in Belgium. These series are based on the European guidelines but also on the results of new trends in contact dermatitis in Belgium.

Board Members

  • President: Hilde Lapeere
  • Secretary: Anne Herman
  • Treasurer: Annelies Stockman

+ 11 other board members from different University Hospitals in Belgium and private practices