Meer informatie over de BSPD

01 februari 2019
Lees meer over de bestuursleden en de missie van de BSPD.

Our mission

The Belgian Society of Pediatric Dermatology (BSPD) is a non-profit association founded in 1999.

The scientific mission of the BSPD is to promote in particular the study and the teaching of pediatric dermatology.

The society organises its annual scientific conference with the primary objective to train doctors, dermatologists and pediatricians. This forum gives a chance to all participants to present clinical cases, clinical trials or results of clinical researches dedicated to pediatric dermatology.

BSPD also financially supports young medical doctors during their training period to attend other pediatric dermatology conferences.

The board

The board consists of ten dermatologist members from each Belgian university. All members can be represented by another member from their own university in case of unavailability for voting.

The president is elected for a two years term and may be eligible for re-election for a further term of two years.

The treasurer as well as the scientific secretary remain for two years and may also be re-elected two times for a further term of two years.

The current society Board established in January 2018 and is composed as follows :

  • President: Dr . K.Despontin
  • Vice –president: Dr. A. De Moor
  • Scientific secretary: Dr. C. Dangoisse , Dr Marleen Goetyn
  • Tresory: Pr.S. De Schepper
  • Members: Dr. V. Dekeuleneer, Prof. L. De Raeve, Prof. B. Dezfoulian, Dr. Marie-Anne Morren, , Prof. D. Tennstedt
  • Substitute members: Dr D.Salik, Dr I.Spanoudi-Kimitri , Pr.A.Van Laethem