Meer informatie over de BLG

01 februari 2019
Lees meer over de bestuursleden en de missie van de BLG.

Our mission

1. Promotion of exchange of scientific information between physicians who use laser technology for pathologic and aesthetic purposes, diagnostic testing included.

2. Redaction of guidelines for proper use of laser technology to enhance quality of care.

3. Stimulation of exchange between international laser groups like European Society for laser surgery, American Society for Laser in Medicine and Surgery, Groupement Français du laser…

4. Organizing a national scientific symposium once a year with participation of international laser experts.

5. Organizing hands-on sessions for practitioners and young physicians who want to start with laser in their practice.

6. Exchange of information between existing laser centers concerning available wavelengths to facilitate referral.

7. Redaction of protocols for thematic problems (chronic radiodermitis after breast cancer surgery)

8. Installation of a website to enhance communication with members/ participants.

Our Board

The founding and current board members are:

  • An Van Laethem
  • Johan Snauwaert
  • Muriel Creusot
  • Samira Baharlou
  • Evelien Verhaeghe
  • Bieke Heykants
  • Geert Biesemans
  • Mark Vandaele
  • Serge Coopman
  • Javid Vadoud
  • Thomas Maselis
  • Hugo Boonen

The BLG website