Meer informatie over de BDG

02 februari 2019
Lees meer over de bestuursleden en de missie van de BDG

Our mission

Dermoscopy has become a routine technique in our dermatology practice, and it has become clear that there is a continuous need for education. Every month, numerous papers on dermoscopy are published in the world literature. However this is often too much and too time-consuming to follow for a dermatologist in a busy practice.

The main objective of the Belgian Dermoscopy Group, founded in 2014, is to bring the world of dermoscopy a little closer and more accessible to dermatologists in daily practice.

The one-day courses (2014, 2016 and 2018) were much appreciated because they combine teaching recent insights in dermoscopy with interactive exercises. This course will be repeated every two years.

The board

  • Dr. K. Vossaert – President
  • Dr. I. Tromme – Founding member
  • Pr. L. Brochez – Founding member
  • Dr. S. Lanssens – Secretary

Website BDG

International Dermoscopy Society