Meer informatie over de BADO

01 februari 2019
Lees meer over de bestuursleden en de missie van de BADO.

Our mission

The Belgian Association of Dermato-Oncology was founded in 2012 with the following mission:

  • Promotion of the multidisciplinary approach of dermato-oncology: the board therefore consists of dermatologists, oncologists and surgeons. Annual meetings are open for all disciplines involved in skin cancer management.
  • Exchange scientific knowledge about dermato-oncology: by means of annual meetings focused on specific topics updated information is spread
  • Work on treatment recommendations for different types of skin cancers: BADO works on consensus guidelines that are regularly updated and freely accessible on the website.
  • Representation of dermato-oncology towards industry and authorities: BADO can give scientific advice towards industry and others such as patient groups, and can report certain problems to the authorities.
  • Promotion of research in dermato-oncology: BADO can coordinate some national projects on skin cancer

The Board

  • BROCHEZ Lieve, president, Dermatology UZG, Gent
  • BAURAIN Jean-François, Oncology UCL, Brussels
  • DEL MARMOL Veronique, Dermatology Erasmus, Brussels
  • GARMYN Marjan, Dermatology UZ Leuven
  • NIKKELS Arjen, Dermatology ULG, Luik
  • KRUSE Vibeke, Oncology UZG, UZ Gent
  • SALES François, Surgery Bordet, Brussels
  • SPECENIER Pol, Oncology UZA, Antwerp
  • STAS Marguerite, Surgery, UZ Leuven

Website BADO