BDD2020 Online Sponsors- Skinline

More information on one of our BDD2020 Online Sponsors.

Skinline is a Benelux distributor of medical & aesthetic Laser, light and Energy based devices for skin and body shape improvement. Its main brands are the internationally renowned manufacturers Lutronic, Vydence and Zimmer, completed with some minor brands, like for instance Wellcomet and Korust, in order to offer the most comprehensive range to our customers. All its devices are compliant with the most rigorous certificates, directives and guidelines for medical appliances and meet the highest standards in terms of robustness and operational safety. Skinline is highly appreciated by its customers for the unfailing quality and reliability of its products, its thorough and extensive trainings and its impeccable after-sales service and support.

In the 1990’s Lutronic and sold an innovative Q-switched ND:YAG laser. Due to the incredible reliability, performance and clinical results, that system is still the best-selling system in the world. Three decades later, they offer over 20 robust energy-based devices and have over 35,000 systems installed. Their aesthetic devices have won design awards for their industrial design, innovation, and clinical effectiveness. For the first time on any aesthetic device, their systems can provide real-time feedback about the patient’s condition and the actual interaction with the energy being delivered. This novel approach allows clinicians to make better informed decisions about how to care for each individual patient at that specific time. Leaving no element unstudied, they meticulously design user interfaces and handpieces to fully optimize clinician interaction to enhance their patient’s experience.

ETHEREA®, the outstanding laser and light platform built by Vydence born in Brazil and expanded globally around the world in just over 9 years, spreading to Europe, then Asia, and now arriving in North America. Since 2009, ETHEREA® has continued to grow, incorporating business models that have made the platform a remarkable sales success: from the annual ETHEREA Users’ Meeting aimed at developing and expanding clinical practice with technology, to after-sales assistance and service, creating a solid foundation for any medical practice. VYDENCE, born from the acquisition of Brazil’s leading aesthetic company by Adavium, a US based corporation. With significant backing from some of the largest high- tech venture capital firms in the US, Avdavium and Vydence have the capability and resources needed to ensure Etherea’s success in the global market, now and for years to come.

With over 50 years of experience, Zimmer MedizinSysteme has become one of the leading European manufacturers of physiotherapy, cryotherapy and aesthetic systems. Innovative cardiologic products, diagnostic products and aesthetic products like hyaluronic fillers and software further complete their product lines. Research and development take a very high priority in their tradition. Each of their products is designed according to strict scientific methods, without ever losing sight of their practicality and user-friendliness. Medical progress, reliable technology, good design, ease of use and excellent services are the typical values that characterize all of their systems. As a medium-sized company based in the Innovation Region of Ulm/Neu-Ulm, the company maintains a culture of privileged relationship not only with hospitals, doctors, physiotherapists, but also with its employees and its world-wide dealer network.

Wellcomet (Wellness Cosmetic Medical Technologies) is a leading company that not only develops and distributes high-tech products for equipment-based cosmetics and medicine for a wide range of needs, mainly in the field of RF and Ultrasound. The company works on a sound scientific basis and is always at the cutting edge of technology. Wellcomet's very diverse range provides highly effective patented or patent-pending technologies which are applied both in the world of beauty and medicine and in pain therapy.

KORUST, which stands for KORean Ultra Sound Technology specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative HIFU technology and assessment techniques based on the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic ceramic transducer, focused shock wave technology in the field of therapeutic ultrasound. The unique, patented KORUST transducers are characterized by their stability and shape compared to competitors. The heat lesion is shaped like an egg and more focused, which is why UTIMS is able to deliver safer, almost pain free and better treatment results.