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Eucerin Anti-Pigment with Thiamidol

Sun exposure, associated with hormonal factors and skin aging, can cause hyperpigmentation by activating melanin production. Tyrosinase is the rate-limiting enzyme of melanin production and the most prominent target for inhibiting hyperpigmentation. Mushroom tyrosinase was used to study the inhibition of tyrosinase by dermocosmetic actives in the past because it is accessible and cheap. Beiersdorf R&D spent several years of research effort to isolate and use the human tyrosinase to screen a library of 50,000 compounds; one of the screening hits caught their attention. This very effective ingredient in reducing melanin production is Thiamidol. It is the patented main active ingredient in the Eucerin Anti Pigment range which has been specially designed to reduce pigment spots - for a regular and luminous complexion. Four products compose this range : Day care SPF30, Night care, Spot Corrector and the Dual Serum. First visible results after 2 weeks, continuous improvement in case of regular use.