Working group: BETA-PSO

Belgian Evidence-based Treatment Advice in Psoriasis.

The primary objective of our Belgian working group is to collect evidence for creating a practical recommendation for systemic treatment of patients with psoriasis (BETA-PSO: Belgian Evidence-based Treatment Advice in Psoriasis) to advise HCPs on what treatment is prescribed for which patient.

The outcome is primarily focused as a perspective for Belgian Dermatologists (as no psoriasis guideline is currently available in Belgium) to optimally treat psoriasis patients with predisposing and concomitant conditions or comorbidities.

The result will be presented at the BDD 2020 during the Psoriasis Workshop.


  • Prof Dr Arjen Nikkels, Liège
  • Dr Pierre-Dominique Ghislain, Brussels
  • Dr Tom Hillary, Leuven
  • Dr Fabienne Willaert, Brussels
  • Prof Dr Julien Lambert, Antwerpen
  • Prof Dr Siegfried Segaert
  • Prof Dr Reinhart Speeckaert, Gent
  • Prof Dr Jo Lambert, Gent (scientific lead)

Supported by Celgene, Eli-Lilly, Janssen, LEO Pharma, Novartis and UCB.