Spring Webinar KBVDV: May 27, 2021

Changing Landscape in Dermato-Oncology: Immunotherapy
  • Practical information

In May 2021 the Society organizes an accredited Webinar on: " A changing Landscape in Dermato-Oncology: Immunotherapy" with the following topics:

  • Update on Melanoma Immunotherapy (Prof. Dr. Bart Neyns/UZ Brussels)
  • Immunotherapy in NMSC and Merkel Cell Carcinoma (Prof. dr. Jean-François Baurain/CU Saint-Luc)
  • Clinical Cases

The moderators for this event will be Prof. dr. Lieve Brochez (UZ Ghent), Prof.dr. Marjan Garmyn (UZ Leuven) and Prof. Véronique del Marmol (ULB Erasme).

When will this event take place: Thursday 27 May 2021, 19h45-22h