What to do if you are not able to login

If your are not able to login to the BDD you can try the following

Have you registered for the BDD 2021 but do you have trouble logging in?

- Look closely at the information you filled in for your registration, you can find this in the registration confirmation - this is the information our database uses to let you into the system so any extra characters, misspelled names...might cause issues

- Try using your first name - maybe you inverted your first name and your last name in the registration fields of the BDD registration module

- Try our website for more information and printscreens explaining the login process in more detail :https://www.belgiandermatology.be/nl/where-an-how-to-login-to-the-virtual-bdd

Still not able to login? Last resort is to login with the backup credentials (only available temporarily, your participation will not be monitored) you will find here.