More information on the BCDP

02 February 2019
Read more about the board members and the mission of the BCDP.

Our mission

The Belgian Club of Dermatopathology (BCDP) was founded in 2004 as an informal society, with the following goals:

  1. To improve the dermatopathology level in Belgium
  2. To improve the relationship between pathologists and dermatologistsperforming dermatopathology in Belgium.

Since 2005, several national scientific meetings were organized and since 2008, annual participation in the Belgian Week of Pathology with half day dermatopathology sessions were organized. The BCD is also active in the Anglo-Franco-Belgo meetings for dermatopathology (AFB) where expert dermatopathologists from UK, France and Belgium gather twice a year to discuss their difficult cases.

Founding members

  • Josette André (ULB)
  • Arlette De Coninck (VUB)
  • Gilbert De Dobbeleer (ULB)
  • Hugo Degreef (KUL)
  • Michel de la Brassinne (ULg)
  • Hendrik De Raeve (UA),
  • Anita Goossens (VUB)
  • Michel Heenen (ULB)
  • Julien Lambert (UA)
  • Marianne Laporte (ULB)
  • Liliane Marot (UCL)
  • Jean-Marie Naeyaert (UGent)
  • Jean-Christophe Noël (ULB)
  • Marleen Praet (UGent)
  • Gérald Pierard (ULg)
  • Joost Van den Oord (KUL)
  • Eric Van Marck (UA)

The founding members were dermatologists and pathologists from each Belgian University.