LEO Pharma Innovation Grant 2023

The purpose of this grant is to encourage and enable innovation in dermatologic care, helping people achieve healthy skin.


The KBVDV/SRBDV board members will review and score the submitted projects. The top 3 will present their projects during BDD 2023 where the winner will be selected. The winner will receive a grant of 15.000€.


  • Innovative R&D project
  • The proposal shall support healthcare or research, but not constitute an inducement to recommend, prescribe, purchase, sell, supply or administer medicinal products.
  • Project needs to be led by a dermatologist or in dermatologist in training who has not yet obtained a PhD degree.
  • Applicants need to be 34 years old or younger at the date of submission of the proposal
  • The project may not be part of an ongoing (PhD) project, a larger project or already published work
  • Budget sheet has to prove the financial feasibility of the whole project. In case that the grant does not cover expenses of the whole project, a statement of the department head is for a matching funding of up to 50% of the project costs
  • The salary of the dermatologists may not be funded by the grant.
  • The applicant cannot apply for more than one prize given under the auspices of the RBSDV in a calender year.


15 January 2023 midnight