Applications open


The RBSDV board members will review and score the submitted projects. The winner will be announced during the BDD 2024 and will receive a grant of 15.000€.


  1. Project type
    Planned impactful initiatives that promote the quality of dermatology patient care in Belgium. New or a new part of an existing project.
    The project does not provide benefit to the patient by virtue of a medical treatment (no R&D project).
  2. Applicants
    The project leader is a qualified dermatologist working in Belgium who has already obtained a PhD or a can demonstrate a significant scientific contribution to Belgian dermatology. I.e. experienced dermatologist. Please check the regulation file for examples to prove your experienced status.
    Applicants are restricted from applying for more than one prize offered by the RBSDV within a single calendar year.
    Applicants should be part of a healthcare organisation. Cfr payment criterium.
  3. Payment
    Payment by Janssen will be to the RBSDV, payment of the award by the RBSDV will be made to the healthcare organization for the execution of the project, not to an individual healthcare professional.
  4. Budget
    The budget sheet must prove the feasibility of the whole project and reasonability of the planned costs.
    Proof of funding or requested funding from other sources must be given, since Janssen cannot be the sole sponsor of your project.
    * The salary of the dermatologists or other regular healthcare costs may not be funded by the grant.
  5. Use of the provided funding
    Winner must be willing to provide proof of use (e.g. a report of the project) of the award if requested by the RBSDV or Janssen.
  6. Jury
    If your project complies with the above criteria and the additional details given in the regulation file, the jury will select a winner based on the following criteria:
    - Demonstrable/quantifiable benefits for patients
    - Relevance of the project
    - Originality and innovative character of the project
    - Image and impact of the project
    - Financial feasibility


14 January 2024 23:59