DERMCovid e-registry

In the past couple of weeks there has been a great increase in COVID-19 cases. Records of cutaneous manifestations in COVID-19 in scientific papers are also steadily increasing. However, the role of COVID-19 associated skin manifestations still remains unclear.

UPDATE November 2020

If you have seen a patient with confirmed/suspected COVID-19 who presents with a paraviral skin eruption (perniones, maculopapular, papulovesicular, livedo-like or urticarial eruption, etc.), we would kindly ask you to report this in our online register, DERMCovid. Some of you have already reported such cases, for which we thank you.

See below for access to the online register and informed consent for the patient.

If you have any questions, like to receive more information or prefer to receive the informed consent, patient information leaflet and/or register on paper, please contact us via e-mail

Thank you for your collaboration and interest in this national project !


Dear Colleague,

Several dermatologists have recently seen an increase in paraviral skin eruptions. We thank all of you who e-mailed us their reports on these patients.

Before we can make any bold statements on a possible association between these eruptions and COVID-19, we need to collect your information in a standardized manner.

Therefore, we created an electronic registry termed DERMCovid in which you can enter details (and photos) on every patient with a newly developed skin eruption and a suspicion of COVID-19 infection. The diagnosis of COVID-19 does not have to be proven, but we do ask if any diagnostic tests were performed. You can enter the registry below.


  1. The patient needs to sign an informed consent, that can be found below.
  2. You keep this informed consent in your own files. We do not need this.
  3. Please keep a list of the patients you reported, as we will contact you again in 2-3 months time.
  4. At that time, we would like to collect a blood sample of your patient(s) in order to test if, and to what extent, COVID-19 immunity has developed. Details on this will follow.

Thank you for your collaboration and interest in this national project !

Jo Lambert, Marie Baeck, Olivier Aerts, Anne Herman, Rani Soenen -

with the support of the Royal Belgian Society of Dermatology and Venerology.